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Hawkinson Nissan2October 9, 2012

Review by Tammy Opyd (Channahon, IL)
on October 9, 2012

Department: Sales
I was at the Matteson Auto Mall to purchase a Chrysler Town & Country from another dealer in the plaza, I am a Nissan Quest owner and LOVE my Quest so before we signed the Chrysler I decided to Google Hawkinsons Inventory. They had 3 Quests that were in inventory,... [read more]
Hawkinson Nissan3October 1, 2012

Mark H. of Channahon IL

by Mark Heitzkey (Channahon, IL) on October 1, 2012
Department: Sales
Everything was fine.  They were flexible and no more pushy than expected.  Handled a damaged rim on purchased car with no problems.  Scheduled an appointment to get replaced.  Overall, just a fine experience.  ... [read more]
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